1. Choose the 2020 ERA membership that’s right for you:

Digital Edition of the Bulletin

Youth Dues: $25

Digital edition of the Bulletin. Print edition of Headlights. Limited to members no older than 30.

2018 Print Edition of Headlights

Digital Dues: $50

Save $40 by receiving the digital edition of the Bulletin via email. Print edition of Headlights and trip notices sent via mail.

2016 Washington Convention

All-Print Dues: $90

Print editions of the Bulletin, Headlights and trip notices sent via mail.

International Tour of Spain in 2016

LRTA Add-ons

Subscribe to Tramways & Urban Transit for $94 and Tramway Review for $35, or save $10 and receive both for only $117.

2. Enjoy these benefits:

Three-Day Pittsburgh Weekend in 2017
The ERA Membership Card Collector Series for 2020 (1 of 4)

The board of directors of the Electric Railroaders’ Association, Inc. (ERA) express their sincere gratitude for your loyal support of this organization over the years through subscriptions and participation in our New York meetings, as well as our sponsored local, national and international trips and conventions.

The actions we have taken over the last few years to control recurring expenses and reinforce the long-term financial stability of the ERA have been effective, but certain recurring expenses are out of our control and we regretfully need to raise annual dues for membership this year.

Receiving The Bulletin by e-mail has recently overtaken monthly paper mailings as the most popular way for our members to receive our periodicals and we recommend that option to anyone looking to reduce their membership costs. This choice both saves the ERA money and grants you early access to the same content with high-quality, full color images. We have begun a digital-first transformation of this periodical and it shows. We still produce an annual issue of the beloved Headlights magazine, or a full-length book, which all members receive by mail and printing and mailing costs are higher than ever. Wish to keep these magazines (and books) to the impeccable production standard that you are all used to.

Our volunteer-run board is working tirelessly to consolidate and catalog the files from the ERA Library in an effort to reduce storage unit costs. These efforts proved fruitful when the Shore Line Trolley Museum finished cataloging the majority of the club’s library and it is now open to the public for anyone to visit. Our meeting venue at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel across from Grand Central has proven to be an excellent choice for NYC-area members and we have locked in an affordable rate for the club. The increased transit access it allows has resulted in monthly meetings being more popular than ever.

The combination of the above financial progress along with generous bequests allowed us to hold the line on dues for the last four years — a great accomplishment. We wish to promote a vibrant future of the club, and a slight increase in dues is necessary to achieve that. We look forward to your continued support of the ERA’s long record of education and entertainment for those interested in the treasures of the past, current and future of railroading.


Created in 2011 by Philip Hom, our Facebook page is the place to go for the latest news from ERA members.


Our frequently updated Twitter feed is written by Alexander ‘Sasha’ Ivanoff, a contributing editor to the Bulletin.


Fascinating member videos, including some of our monthly meetings, can be watched on our YouTube channel.


Every back issue since 2002 of the Bulletin and previews of Headlights since 1996 can be found on our Issuu page.