Jubilee Line Clarification

Saturday, September 16, 2006

ERA member Subutay Musluoglu sent us this interesting correction to the article on London’s Jubilee Line in the Las Vegas issue of Headlights:

First, on Page 27 in the first paragraph, there is a reference to the line’s planning background history that was obtained from Wikipedia. It states that the line was to have originally been named the Fleet line after the River Fleet. This is incorrect and a confusion stemming from the complex planning history of the line that goes back to the end of World War II. The name Fleet Line refers to an earlier proposed alignment that followed Fleet Street, which is on the northern side of the River Thames. However, the line’s alignment was subsequently changed to one that followed more closely along the Thames River, alternately shifting between, and serving, both sides of the city, thus leading to the new name River Line. This was then followed by the renaming to the Jubilee Line in honor of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, which is correct in the article. This alignment, with some adjustments, resembles what was eventually built. The history is actually much more complex, with several alignment variations, but this is the basic story.
Second, on the map on Page 29, the description of the new Canada Water station omits the transfer that is available there to the East London Line. The Jubilee Line crosses underneath the East London Line there, and the station was built during the same period in the late 1990s that the East London Line was closed for extensive refurbishment of line’s original tunnel under the river, built by the famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Thank you, Subutay!

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