2021 Meetings

Jeff Erlitz

March 19, 2021

London Trams CR-4000 (Flexity Swift) #2547 (Bombardier Transportation, 2000) is seen operating on the New Addington route at the Lebanon Road stop on Addiscombe Road and Lebanon Road in Croydon. Jeff Erlitz photo (April 26, 2019)

The presenter of our March show is Jeff Erlitz (ERA #3997), editor-in-chief of the Bulletin since February 2018. Jeff’s program will take us on a three-week trip through England, Belgium, Germany and Austria. We will visit:

Jeff has been an active member of the ERA since 1970. He has held various positions on the board of directors over the following decades, including his current position as director. Together with the late Jimmy Mattina, he manually typed every membership application ever received to create the first membership database way back when on the club’s first IBM PC. That Excel file has been continually updated and is still used to this very day.

Jeff was a schedule manager in the NYC Transit Subway Schedules unit of Operations Planning until April 2018, capping a successful 36-year career in planning and schedule positions at both MTA and NYC Transit. He started his transportation career at the Tri-State Regional Planning Commission in 1979. Jeff, as well as his father and uncle previously, have all contributed significant time as volunteers at the New York Transit Museum. Jeff’s work — between his ERA board and editorial positions and outstanding annual ERA presentations, as well as at NYC Transit, MTA and the Transit Museum — has been steeped in the local transit scene. Do not miss this presentation!

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