2015 Meetings

Watch Eric’s entire 2015 presentation (two parts). Video: Dennis Furbush

Eric Oszustowicz

February 20, 2015

Our February program will be presented by Eric Oszustowicz. The show will include Eric’s photography during 2014, which was highlighted by a visit to the western half of Germany. It will also include a continuation of last February’s slideshow showing the best of his photography since 1984.

The German portion of Eric’s slideshow will include brief summaries of tram, commuter, intercity train, bus and freight operations in Baden-Baden, Bielefeld, Bochum, Braunschweig, Bremen, Darmstadt, Duisburg, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Gelsenkirchen, Krefeld, Mainz, Mannheim, Mulheim and Wurzburg. Germany is one of the most transit-rich countries in the world, with well over 50 tram systems and one of the world’s premier intercity rail systems. This portion of Eric’s program will give railfans a good overview of rail transit in the western part of the country.

Eric will conclude tonight’s program with part two of his “best of” slideshow, which he started last year. We will travel around the world by location in alphabetical order together with specialized groups of photographs. Many New York area photographs will be included.

Please join us for an interesting evening!

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