2015 Meetings

Milan trams stored together with LRVs at Muni Metro East shortly after their move there. Peter Ehrlich photo (August 2012)

Peter Ehrlich

April 17, 2015

Our April show will be presented by Peter Ehrlich. Peter will give a digital slide presentation of San Francisco’s F Line, tracing its entire history from PCC and vintage car operations up to 1982; the Trolley Festival years; construction; operations from the beginning in September 1995 through the opening to Fisherman’s Wharf in March 2000 up to the latest Heritage Weekend in November 2014; and its future.

The F Line is America’s most successful new historic streetcar line, bar none, and Peter documents how the interesting, colorful and varied historic fleet of PCCs, Milan Peter Witts and vintage trolleys from San Francisco and around the world was accumulated by Muni, making for most interesting operations! (There will even be some cable car shots thrown in.)

Peter will also show digital slides of Milan trams, including its interurbans and especially its Peter Witts, 11 of which operate on Muni today.

Peter was a motorman at Muni for 26 years, the last 10 on the F Line. He retired from Muni in 2005. He wrote San Francisco’s F Line, a must-read book.

Please join us for a wonderful and informative presentation!

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