2015 Meetings

Illuminated tram 633, rebuilt in the shape of a fishing trawler. Wikipedia photo by Mark S. Jobling (July 31, 2006)

Ray Berger

October 16, 2015

Join us in October as ERA Second Vice President Ray Berger (ERA #2298) presents a 35mm slideshow of the six electric railway networks of France. Almost all of Ray’s slides were taken 38 years ago between June 11 and July 5, 1977 so they will show a lot of equipment that is no longer in use, save for historic museum pieces. Three British operations will be also seen, including London Transport’s Neasden Maintenance Shops and the railways on the Isle of Man and in Blackpool.

Whilst in the UK, Ray also got some great shots of the ERA’s 1977 mini-convention which emphasized behind-the-scenes maintenance and operations center facilities, not usually seen by enthusiasts. In Blackpool he photographed the Illuminations cars used only during the annual Lights Festival at the end of the summer season. Traditional cars, including George Milnes’s double-truck IOM cars #1 to 3, will also be presented. These are the world’s oldest electric railway cars and are still in regular use since 1893.

Be sure to mark your calendars and join us for a most unusual show at the October Meeting. You won’t be disappointed!

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