2016 Meetings

John Pappas

September 16, 2016

Scene from a recent visit to Milan, that included both its mothballed and currently running interurban lines. John Pappas photo (August 29, 2016)

Welcome back! The presenter for our September meeting will be John Pappas. John’s show will consist of several sections:

  1. A celebration of the 80th anniversary of the introduction of the PCC car in North America, with Brooklyn being the first to display and operate the cars in service beginning October 1, 1936. This will be followed by other shots around the Brooklyn trolley system and the rapid transit lines including pictures from Don Harold and Ray Berger.
  2. An overview of the new Cincinnati streetcar operation which will be going into service on September 9, including historic shots of the former Cincinnati Street Railway system.
  3. In honor of the return of electric traction to Santa Monica with the May opening of the full Expo Line, a look back at streetcars in Los Angeles, including Pacific Electric and Los Angeles Railway/LATL.
  4. Views from a recent trip to Calgary, Alberta and its high-ridership light rail system.
  5. Scenes from a recent visit to Milan, Italy, including both its mothballed and currently running interurban lines.
  6. If time permits, a visit to trams and interurban rail lines in Neuch√Ętel and the St. Gallen areas of Switzerland.

Please join us for a wonderful and informative presentation!

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