2016 Meetings

Eric Oszustowicz

February 19, 2016

Watch Eric’s entire 2015 presentation (two parts). Dennis Furbush video (58:45)

The presenter at our February meeting will be Eric Oszustowicz. The show will include Eric’s photography during 2015 which was highlighted by a visit to the Pacific Northwest. Eric’s slideshow will also include a continuation of his last year’s program showing various transit systems in Germany followed by the best of his photography since 1984.

During April 2015, Eric visited British Columbia and Alberta, two of his favorite places to visit. While there he photographed the newest locomotives operating on the CN & CP through the spectacular scenery of the Canadian Rockies. The visit included a trip to Vancouver where he extensively photographed that city’s trackless trolley and rapid transit system. Eric also photographed the scenic BNSF line through northern Washington (former Great Northern line) in addition to Seattle’s light rail line.

Last year, time ran out while showing views of various German transit systems during 2014, so Eric will pick up where he left off. We will see light rail and commuter rail operations in Bochum, Braunschweig, Bielefeld, Munster and Bremen.

Eric will conclude tonight’s program with his “best of” series, which started two years ago, for as long as time will permit. We will travel around the world by location in alphabetical order together with specialized groups of photographs. Many New York area photographs will be included.

Please join us for quite an interesting evening!

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