2020 Meetings

Eric Oszustowicz

February 21, 2020

Corona Yard on April 27, 2019 shortly after sunrise. Eric Oszustowicz photo

Our February program will consist of videos and slides by Eric Oszustowicz and will be different from any presentation we have ever had.

During early 2001, Eric took VHS videos at stations on the New York Subway system through which the now retired “Redbird” R26 through R36 subway cars traversed. All of these videotapes were digitized. We will see many of these videos, complete with sound over high-quality speakers, at the February meeting.

Besides the Redbirds, Eric took videos on the IND and BMT during the same period, so we will also see videos of the now retired R38, R40, R40M and R44 subway cars in regular service.

During a 2001 trip to Buenos Aires, he also produced videos of the original 1913 wooden subway cars operating there that were finally retired seven years ago. Of course, we will see these videos.

All of the above videos were taken in such a way to provide the full experience of both the interior and exterior sights and sounds.

Eric is known as a still photographer. During the last 20 years, Eric would take still photographs while his wife, Mary, would be by his side taking videos. We will see many of her videos. Included is spectacular footage of the Union Pacific steam locomotive #4014 (the Big Boy) and of Iowa Interstate’s steam locomotive #6988. Footage from around the world during various excursions will also be shown.

After the video portion of the presentation, we will see slides from 2019 trips to The Hague, Rotterdam, France, Toronto and the western United States. As with all of Eric’s presentations, we will see behind the scenes views of the New York subway system.

Please join us for an interesting evening.

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