2020 Meetings

Hamburg S-Bahn Type 474 on Rt S1 at Airport Terminal. Photo: Ron Yee (October 11, 2019)

Ron Yee

June 19, 2020

Join us on Zoom for a look at Ron Yee’s rail-related travels around the world before the COVID-19 pandemic stopped all international travel. All ERA members anywhere in the world are invited to attend this exciting online event!

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Tonight’s Program

Ron, his wife Lily and his relatives had a family reunion aboard a cruise ship sailing all around the UK and Ireland in July. The ship made stops at Cork, Dublin and Belfast in Ireland, Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland, and Havre in France. Ron made a point of sampling most of the rail systems in these cities, as well as in London.

In October, following a visit to Berlin and Hamburg, he joined up with the Motor Bus Society touring Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg before taking a side trip to Geneva. Finally, Ron and his wife went on a month-long cruise around Asia, originating out of Singapore and stopping in Hong Kong, Taipei in Taiwan, and Okinawa and Kagoshima in Japan before becoming trapped aboard their cruise ship, the infamous Diamond Princess. They were subsequently evacuated back to the U.S. on a State Department-chartered 747 freighter complete with moon-suited CD personnel as their hosts.


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