Farewell to the Redbirds Fan Trip

Sunday, December 8, 2002

The N.Y. Division of the ERA is pleased to announce a Farewell to the Redbirds fan trip on Sunday, December 8, 2002. The redbirds are quickly being replaced by R-142/142A equipment, so there may not be too much time left to ride them. While we are still working with NYC Transit on the final route, we are hoping that the itinerary will take these soon-to-disappear redbird cars over many routes of the B-Division. Current plans call for the trip to visit the lines of the A (to Rockaway Park), F (Culver), Q (Brighton) and N/W (to Astoria). Appropriate photo stops will be arranged that do not interfere with normal subway operations. A lunch stop is planned.

The trip will begin at the 59th Street/Columbus Circle Station of the A, B, C and D lines, tentatively utilizing the middle express platform normally not open to the public. You must arrive at that station prior to 9:30 am, as our specially chartered train will leave at 9:30 am sharp. As there is frequently work causing subway detours on weekends, you must plan your trip to 59th Street/Columbus Circle Station accordingly. Arriving early is much better for you than arriving late. There are no refunds if you miss the train! It is expected that the trip will last until around 4:00 PM, or shortly thereafter. The tentative drop-off station is 57th Street/7th Avenue on the N, R, Q and W lines.

Join us for a very special fan trip on what will soon become historical equipment that has served the TA for many decades. Because of the arrangements in running this type of trip, we need a sizeable turnout. Please invite all your friends and relatives to join you and, of course, bring all family members. To encourage an early response from as many of you as possible, we will offer a discount on the price of a ticket ($45, versus $55) for orders postmarked on or before Friday, November 15th. The ticket price includes the full trip and entrance to the 59th Street/Columbus Circle Station, but your initial entrance into the subway at any other station and your lunch are on your own. For further updates and information, please call 718-784-3643 evenings. This trip operates rain or shine and starts at 9:30 am sharp on Sunday, December 8th.

To Purchase Tickets

Send cash or checks only for $45 if postmarked by 11/15/02, $55 after 11/15. Make checks payable to: New York Division, ERA, Inc. Please enclose a stamped return envelope. Mail to: New York Division, ERA, Inc., Box 3001, New York, NY 10008. For further information or updates, call 718-784-3643 evenings.

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