JFK AirTrain Shop Tour

Saturday, March 27, 2004

The N.Y. Division is pleased to announce a visit to the JFK AirTrain system at JFK International Airport on Saturday, March 27, 2004. The visit will include a tour of the shops, followed by a ride on the entire system, with ample opportunities to take photos. Whether or not you have ridden this very nice operation, this tour will be sure to please everyone.

The Trip will begin by all attendees meeting at Station C - Federal Circle of AirTrain, on the station platform of the level for trains to the JFK Airport Terminals, at 10:00 am sharp. Station C has two levels, so please be sure to be on the correct level. As you may know, AirTrain will cost each of you $5.00 if you get on at Jamaica Station or the A-Train side of the Howard Beach Station. If you get on at any other AirTrain Station (for example, after arriving by Green Bus Lines Q-10 or MTA New York City Buses B-15 or Q-3), there is no charge. If you are driving, we suggest parking in the Long Term Parking Lot, where the charge is $3.00 for the first 12 hours or part, and taking AirTrain from Station A or B to Station C. (Parking rates in the Terminals area are much higher.)

Please be prepared for a considerable walk between the shops and Station C, and wear comfortable shoes. For those who cannot walk such a long distance, you will have to arrange for a taxi at your own cost. It is expected that the shop tour will last approximately 1 hour, to be followed by the system tour on our own.

The ticket price of $15 includes the shop tour. Transportation to and from the trip is on your own. Please send in your completed form and ticket price ASAP, as we need to submit the names of all attendees in advance to PANYNJ. It is possible that those not registering in advance may not be able to attend the Trip. For further updates and information, please call 718-784-3643 evenings. This Trip operates rain or shine.

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