Highlights from our March 02, 2013 Coney Island Complex Tour. Sid Keyles slideshow

Coney Island Complex Tour

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Approximately 42 people attended and were treated to a wonderful tour. We were broken into two groups and each of our two hosts did an admirable job in showing us around and answering our many questions. We even got to visit the control room. However, about 15 applicants were turned down at the last minute because MTA Security claimed their photo IDs were not submitted in time. Now that we know that the lead time is 3-4 weeks, we hope to avoid this problem for future NYC Transit facility visits.

The ERA is pleased to announce that our visit to NYC Transit’s Coney Island Complex in Brooklyn has been rescheduled for Saturday, March 2. Thousands of subway cars are maintained and overhauled for service on all subway divisions at this huge complex. Representatives from NYC Transit will be our hosts to point out interesting features of the shop and its various subdivisions. See how subway cars are kept in good repair from the wheels up. Many different classes of cars should be in the shop undergoing various kinds of renewal, both mechanical and cosmetic.

All attendees will meet at the main entrance to the complex, which is located along Shell Road, just south of the southwest corner of Shell Road and Avenue X. You must be at that entrance no later than 11:00 AM that morning. The entrance can be reached by taking the F train to Avenue X and then walking south along Shell Road to the complex entrance. It is expected that the visit and tour will last approximately two hours.

Ticket Price: $20 Per Person

Join us for a very special visit and tour of this important maintenance facility. The ticket price for the visit and tour is only $20. Please write your email address legibly below so we can notify you if there are any changes in the arrangements detailed above. Bear in mind that our second visit to the Coney Island Complex in 2008 attracted 40 attendees, and our first visit in 2004 was equally popular, so hurry. This trip operates rain or shine.

Security Requirements

NYC Transit has instituted new security procedures for visits to its facilities by groups such as ours. We must submit a list of names of those attending, plus a copy of a photo ID (such as a driver’s license), as soon as possible to NYC Transit. Those who previously signed up and paid for November 3, 2012 are all set, including clearance from NYC Transit Security. Everyone else must include a name for each and every person in your party plus a copy of a photo ID with the form and money. You must submit your form, money and photo ID as soon as possible, but it must be received no later than February 15. While these requirements and the timing may seem a bit onerous, we must comply to maintain the excellent relationship we have had with NYC Transit in the past in setting up visits like this one. Please get your submission in so that it is received on or before February 15. Only names approved in advance by NYC Transit will be permitted on the tour. Please bring your photo ID with you on March 2.

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