2011 Meetings

Eric Oszustowicz

February 18, 2011

The February program will be presented by Eric Oszustowicz. His slideshow will begin with unusual U.S. and Canadian views and then move on to European views covering more unusual subject matter, all photographed in 2010.

Eric’s show will begin with a transit review of the New York and Philadelphia areas during 2010, which was the last year that Kodachrome film could be processed. This portion of the presentation will include some visually stimulating views taken with Kodachrome that will show why this film was such an important part of photographic history.

Eric also made a land expedition to Churchill, Manitoba via car and train. We will of course see views of the railway line to Churchill. While in Canada, we will also see passenger and freight scenes of the Ontario Northland Railway.

Then it is on to Europe where will see views of the “floating ICE train” between Denmark and Germany. We will also visit the unique commuter rail system in Luxembourg. Spectacular views of the rail systems in Innsbruck, Austria and the trolley coach system in Salzburg, Austria are also on the agenda. A summary of tramway, subway and heavy rail services in Brussels, Belgium will also be included. Other cities to be visited will include Hamburg, Copenhagen, Hannover and Karlsruhe.

About a third of Eric’s presentation will cover North America and the remainder will cover Europe. The presentation will cover some subject matter never before seen at any N.Y. Division ERA show. Also, those at previous Eric Oszustowicz presentations know that his photography is pleasing to the eye. Please join us for an interesting evening.

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