Westchester Yard Tour in the Bronx

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our group was warmly greeted at the Westchester Yard on this beautiful, cloudless Saturday morning. The complex is actually a pair of facilities next to each other. Our first stop was a visit to the Westchester Locomotive Shop, where NYC Transit’s 72 non-revenue engines are maintained. From the oldest General Electric 45-ton R-37s (1965) to the newest Republic 50-ton R120s (1991), all of NYCT’s diesel engines are based here. Additionally, R-77Es E01-E10, which only run on electric (third rail) power, are also based here. This fleet provides NYCT with the ability to perform necessary operations that may require the power to be turned off, ranging from moving work trains to rescuing broken-down trains. Rider cars, which are former revenue subway cars that have been rebuilt for work use, can often be seen spacing two diesels. Placing a pair of engines together would exceed allowed weight limits in many areas of the system.

The second portion of our tour was to the Westchester Shop Inspection Shed. It is home of the 6 (Pelham) Line, where its 460 R-142As allow 40 trains to be put into service during the rush hour. The shop itself has played host to almost all IRT equipment over the years, including Lo-Vs and any number of classes of SMEE cars, even hosting R-62A-class cars for a brief period of time. But these days it’s all Kawasaki-built R-142As for as far as the eye can see. The R-142A class was delivered in several orders, between 1999-2004. While we may now find this homogenous fleet less interesting, they almost always seem to have working air-conditioning. The cars are in excellent shape, and their seeming similarity is a tribute to just how much progress our subway’s maintenance has made. Thanks again to Sid Keyles for arranging our tour.

The N.Y. Division is pleased to announce a tour of the Westchester Yard in the Bronx on the #6 Pelham Line on Saturday, November 5, 2011. Also known as the Pelham Yard, this MTA New York City Transit facility is home to the #6 trains as well as maintenance of way diesel trains for both the A Division and B Division. It has 45 layup tracks and there is a four-track inspection shed for electric trains and a two-track diesel repair shop. Westchester Yard also has a car wash used by the entire A Division. The N.Y. Division has not visited this facility in recent times, so you will want to join us for a visit to a subway facility rarely seen by our members.

All attendees will meet at the front entrance to the facility at 1483 Waters Place, Bronx, NY 10461, no later than 11:00 am on November 5. To get there by subway, take the #6 train to Middletown Road Station (on Westchester Avenue). Upon leaving the station, walk southwest (the direction towards the rear of the train) along the northwest side of Westchester Avenue (the side of the Manhattan-bound trains) across the overpass over the Hutchinson River Parkway to Waters Place, where you turn right. #1483 should be about 1-1/2 blocks up on your left. Look for Sid Keyles at that spot. Please note that the Bx 8 and Bx 21 buses also serve this area. If you drive, there should be street parking in the neighborhood. In anticipation of the need for security clearance for all attendees, please make certain to have a photo ID in your possession.

Ticket Price: $20 Per Person

Join us for a very special tour of the Westchester Yard. The ticket price is only $20. A PDF of the trip flyer can be downloaded below. Please write your email address clearly so we can notify you if there are any changes in the arrangements detailed above. This tour operates rain or shine.

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